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Baby Shower


The day of the baby shower has arrived. I was dreading it, but I actually enjoyed making a pair of booties and an appliquéd onesie for DH’s best friend. The expecting couple went to Texas Tech, so I put their logo on the booties I knitted and used logo fabric to make a necktie appliqué.

Et voilà:


Anyway, I got through making the gift, but I’m worried about the shower. DH’s mom is coming, but otherwise I’ll know only the mom-to-be. I’m sure it will be a day of invasive questions.

I hope being prepared for the baby deluge will make it easier to handle. It’s better than being caught off guard.

2 thoughts on “Baby Shower

  1. Those gifts are adorable. Baby showers are never easy, but I think it does help that you can prepare yourself in advance. I hope it’s not too bad.

    • Thanks. I worked hard on the gifts, and I hope they like them. The shower wasn’t too bad. I was ready for it. At least showers only last 2-3 hours! Not the end of the world. 🙂

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