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Five-Minute Friday: Small


Every Friday, Lisa-Jo Baker provides a prompt for “Five-Minute Friday“: Write for five minutes only–no editing, no rewriting. This week’s prompt is “Small.” Here goes . . .


Like matchbox cars and Barbie-doll clothes. The things we played with as children. When we went to Goodwill to drop off a load of clothes and an old suitcase and a duplicate set of measuring cups, we took a couple of those little matchbox cars. Two of them that DH had hung onto and his mom had hung onto. Two that had ended up at our house when we moved to Texas.

But we kept one of them. One especially fancy tiny car. The hood opens and inside there are little tools, including a tiny tire iron. We kept it because it turns out that just after you’ve grown out of wanting to play with those small things that are reflections of the full-size grown-up version there’s a new small thing you want. And that small thing might one day want to play with the same small things that we played with. Or at least to see them. And who wouldn’t be impressed by Dad’s “vintage” toy car with a teeny tiny tire iron?

Toy Car


Opened Toy Car


Tiny Tire Jack

So it’s sitting on top of the extra refrigerator in our garage (something else, incidentally, that will be more useful when there are children). A sign that we haven’t given up our hope yet. That we’re still waiting and looking forward to having a little one or three or four or however many the good Lord decides to ultimately bless us with in the end.


Five Minute Friday

6 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday: Small

  1. Easy to see you have faith and hope in the Lord!! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Love this! First of all, that is the coolest little car ever. Reminds me of the ones my boys loved so much when they were small. Secondly, I love that it brings back such wonderful memories from the past and is also such a beautiful picture of hope for the future. ~ Blessings from Tanya, visiting from FMF

  3. Cute toy 🙂 Can’t wait to hear of your DH playing and child playing with it.

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