After TTC since September 2011, we started testing in July 2012 to try to figure out what was wrong. To our shock, we were told that it would be impossible to have children without medical assistance.

It took a few weeks for that to sink in, and really we’re still in denial to a certain extent. I’m 28, and he just turned 27, so we never expected to hit a brick wall like this.

Ultimately, finding out that it is likely we will never conceive a child naturally (that is, in our bedroom) is devastating. And we have always planned to have a big family. We’re still hoping to find out that there is some way this can be fixed, but that is looking less and less likely.

We’re praying for two things: 1. A miracle (whether supernatural or doctor-orchestrated) that will enable us to conceive naturally and 2. guidance for the doctors we are seeing, that they will accurately diagnose the problem, have reasonable solutions, and listen to us.